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nothing i do for the rest of my life will ever top this

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Soggy Bottom Boys, I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow. (Oh Brother, Where Art Thou)

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Please try not to lick my eyeball in the midst of your protective rage

Please try not to lick my eyeball in the midst of your protective rage

But like I’m guessing Retsu/Gremlin is gonna be kind of like Colress was to Team Plasma.  Like he didn’t really give a fuck what happened to Plasma or anything else he just wanted answers to his questions

Bro just wants to build Darkness Dragon decks the consequences are irrelevant

I can’t like things on my phone anymore wtf fuck


I forgot to talk about the stupid short dream I had

I was the male protag of fr/lg and I was in this scene where I was supposed to be a tiny person going to a normal-sized school and i was supposed to like spend forever climbing the stairs to the building then enter an empty room with a normal-sized desk with normal-sized pencils on it and a normal-sized pencil sharpener and i was supposed to struggle with the pencils and try to sharpen them.  But since I was normal-sized instead I just did it all like a normal-sized person.

Then I entered the actual classroom and there was a normal-sized teacher at a normal-sized desk and then a bunch of tiny students at tiny desks and a normal-sized desk that was for me so I sat in it.  Then the people in front of me were like “get down I can’t see” so I shrunk down to their size and also turned into Shinji Ikari??? And I was also really ridiculously adorable and some guy was like “Stop that” so then I became really handsome instead and everyone started swooning over me

And then I woke up

I’m reading through my dream tag and I’m dying I love this dream

Joined Flight Rising the other day and my dragons had their babbies today

Momma’s name is Flowers, daddy and the boys don’t have names yet cause I’m shitty

I put my Flight Rising ID on my sidebar but for your convenience it’s darli (#101400)


Davide’s aiming to piss off Gao and omg look at Baku



he’s hella pissed


and kuguru’s worrying