Once I had made a shipping blog but then I deleted it but now I just made another one because I felt like it and idk if it’ll survive but I won’t delete it I don’t think

It’s right here for the curious.  You don’t have to follow it but you are absolutely required to appreciate my url

Also since it’s nearly 1am allow me to wish you a happy easter if you are celebrating.  And happy 4/20 if you’re celebrating that…….?  Probably don’t celebrate both at the same time your grandma might be disappointed

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No trust me….you will gain 10000 life points..
Just. Listen.  [x]

The king has arrived


i was watching forrest gump earlier and then i thought of forrest and bubba going “hey i’m gump” “i’m not so gump” and i’ve been laughing about it for several hours

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Also if you have any suggestions of (free) media for me to consume you are free to tell me about it any time

I was gonna start rereading Homestuck for 4/13 but i’m kinda reluctant to start for whatever reason

I’ve also considered the possibility of just waiting for the final update and then shutting myself off from the rest of the internet and just reading the Whole Thing.  That might be a problem though if the other Homestuck fans break the internet as they are prone to

I’ve also had Paranatural up in my tabs since 4/13 cause that guy did the first paradox space comic and I was like “I think i was gonna read this eventually” I haven’t started that either though


have some donkey snaps, you know you want them